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8th April – 18th April

U.O.I: During the Students Led Conference, the students exhibited their learning to their parents, they also played games and presented their portfolios to them.

Using the research skills, the students recorded the data in concentric circle of the countries which are the highest producer of cotton, silk, wood, glass, plastic and metal.

The students revisited the concept of first line of inquiry and they also created questions for a quiz, named ‘Kahoot’ for the second line of inquiry. Hence, were assessed on twain.[AS1] 

English: The students applied their understanding of verbs and adjectives to describe a picture They comprehended a story and categorized words into different parts of speech from the story.

During the take and talk students presented objects made out of various materials, their properties and advantages and disadvantages of using the material.

Math: The students used their self management and communication skills through a formative assessment on 2D shapes, wherein they created various figures and images using the templates and presented them in the class.

The students were also introduced to 3D shapes. They compared the similarities and differences between the 2D and 3D shapes.

Hindi: During Hindi classes, the students watched a video about rust and termite (

They wrote down the names of things made of wood and iron. They were also introduced to अं (अनुस्वार) and used it to make new words out of it.

P.E: Mini Tennis- The students discussed about the tennis game. They were demonstrated the basic standing position of stance, racquet holding grip, C- shape execution and follow through.

Skating: The students practiced V-Break skill during skating lessons. They were also briefed about proper use of body action to enhance their speed.

I.C.T: In I.C.T class, the students played a quiz on ‘Kahoot’.  They completed their assigned work on book creator, which was integrated with the unit on materials.

Music: The students were informed about the various materials that are used to make a musical instrument.

They sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” ( The students also learnt how to read staff notations on the treble clef.

Dance: Students created objects to be used during a performance, in order to intensify their dance performance. They watched videos where materials and stage designs (known as props) were used to enhance the quality and grandeur of the dance.

Library: Students read stories from various magazines.



Blog 1E



This week for the unit of inquiry students inquired about materials like plastic, metal and fabric. They deepened their understanding by exploring their source, physical properties, advantages and disadvantages of their usage. To further strengthen their understanding, they watched the following videos.



Tuning into verbs was achieved with the game “Simon says”. Further strengthening of conceptual understanding was achieved by watching a video

Students improved their listening skills by creating illustrations as per the verbal instructions given to them.


Students began to understand 2D shapes and explored their attributes using shape templates. They further enhanced their skill of using a ruler and applied their knowledge of measurements to draw 2D shapes on graph paper.


During their Hindi classes, students revised noun (संज्ञा) and adjective (विशेषण) by engaging in activities like ‘step in and step out’. They enhanced their vocabulary, thinking skills, and communication skills through this activity. They also revised (इ)and (ई) mantra by writing words with the same.


Student continue their unit on cricket where they play practice matches and are being briefed about the rules and the regulation of the game.  


Through a sorting game student learned what materials make up things in their surroundings. They looked at each picture to decide what its raw material was only to drag it to the correct group. This game helped students master the basic skill of categorization and aided integration with Unit of Inquiry


Students revised and learned few new steps for their dance routine on the song” Fix you”. Students also revised rhythm and coordination exercises they had learned in the past week.


Students expressed themselves using free expression in art and reflected on the same.


Grade 1 was read Julia Donaldson’s book titled ‘Tabby McTat.’ Wher the protagonist and his friend were separated and ended up in the hospital. McTat was taken in by another family where he met with another cat and had a family of his own, but he could never forget busker and their happy times

Blog Grade 1


5, March, 2019-15, March, 2019

Unit of Inquiry

This fortnight, students embarked on a new unit of inquiry- “Properties of materials determine their uses and can change their state”. Tuning in to the unit was achieved by integrating  English into the unit where the students watched the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ so as to reflect on the choice of material used to build their houses. This was followed   Students learnt about the Earth’s natural resources and man made materials with an audio visual presentation.

Students tuned into the first and second lines of inquiry namely properties and uses of materials. They inquired how wood and sand turn into paper and glass respectively. They explored physical properties of different materials along with their advantages and disadvantages. Students also observed the objects that are an amalgamation of wood and glass


Students watched the visual presentation of the story about the ‘Three Little Pigs’ which was followed with a reflection activity

Students were initiated to the understanding of pronouns. They attempted a pronoun specific unit related comprehension sheet. Students revisited various phonograms too.


Students revisited addition by attempting task sheets and a formative assessment on the concept of word problems. ICT integration with Math was done where students played various online games to hone their problem solving skills.

They undertook a summative assessment on subtraction with the station activity where they chose different tasks having varied levels of complexity.

They were assessed on their prior knowledge of shapes and tuned into the understanding of 2D shapes.

Shape hunt game in the class room
Found a rectangle shape in the class


During their Hindi classes, students recited a poem ‘Rasoighar’ and  picked up new vocabulary words from the poem. They were introduced to the grammar concepts like vishashanor adjectives from the prose. They also learned (गिनती) numbers.


Students revised the new dance routine taught to them with the  song“fixyou”. In addition they also explored direction and coordination exercises using claps, subtle hand movements and footwork


The students learned about the treble clef and how it is marked on the staff lines. They also sang the school song.


The students continue with their unit on cricket where they are being briefed about the fielding stance and throwing technique specific to the game. 


Julia Donaldson is prize-winning author of the world’s best-loved picture books and  is  also  well known for her rhyming stories for children. A popular book written by her ‘ What the ladybird heard’ was narrated to students. Oink!” by the cats . . . with all the MOOing and HISSing and BAAAing and CLUCKing, the farmyard is full of noise, made interesting read for the first graders. When Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len hatch, the two thieves plot to steal the fine prized cow, it’s the quietest animal of all who saves the day -a ladybird.Children loved the wonderful rhyming book with bright and bold illustrations.


Students had fun, working on an online tool based on mouse programme. They honed their skill of handling the mouse comfortably and efficiently while using this tool. They also discussed about the unit they have taken for their Student Led Conference. Students gave the final touches to their work during ICT lessons.

Blog 18/02/19-28/02/19


Unit of Inquiry

Students tuned into the 3rd line of inquiry about ‘our responsibility towards public places by watching an audio visual presentation to understand our responsibilities towards public places.

They discussed various do’s and don’ts along with essential etiquettes that are to be followed at various public places.

Students revisited the 1st and 2nd line of inquiry namely importance of public places and why we need to take care of our public places and their understanding was assessed through formative and summative assessments. This was followed up with a written unit end reflection.


To enhance their listening and writing skills students watched a unit integrated story ‘Topsy goes on a train’. After watching the story, students wrote a reflection about the same and circled articles in the reflection.

Students continued to learn the skill of writing a paragraph using picture composition. They used the 5Ws and 1H strategy for this task.

Students attempted a formative assessment on adjectives. They were given a choice to either describe their classroom or the school sports field by using appropriate adjectives.

To enhance their vocabulary, students participated in the spell bee where they chose the correct word from the two similar sounding words.


Students furthered their understanding of subtraction by solving simple subtraction word problems using pictorial representation and RUCSAC strategy. A formative task assessed students on their understanding of double digit subtraction where they were given 6 number cards each with which they needed to create subtraction equations. To develop critical thinking skills, students solved an addition crossword.


Students gave the final touch to their Info graphic detailing challenges in public places. They made a beautiful Info graphics using text, images, shapes and colours.


After the provocation, students have now been introduced to dance presentations that take place in public places through flash mobs. Students also have started to learn a new dance routine on the song “Fix you by Coldplay”  


During their Hindi classes, students learnt ‘au’ (औ) matraa and wrote words and sentences with them. They listened to a story ‘Sher aur Chooha’ and engaged in a group activity (sequencing the story with picture).

They enhanced their verbal skills by retelling the story.


The students played a 4/4 rhythmic pattern on the ‘Cajon’. They were also assessed on their ability to play and theoretical understanding.


The students continue with the unit in cricket where they were briefed about the different parts of the bat and batting stance. 


Grade 1 celebrated Dr Suess birthday in the library were a few facts about the author who was also apolitical cartoonist, and animator were shared. His books have sold over 600 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages. He wrote and illustrated 44 children’s book in his lifetime. ‘Happy Birthday To You’, an imaginative, creative and delightful book for children was read during library lessons.

Blog 4th Feb- 15th Feb


UOI- Moving ahead with the on-going unit of inquiry, students understood the difference between public places that are needed and those that form a part of our  want. Students used their research skills to conduct a survey for their weekend home assignment wherein they asked members of their family and neighbours about public places they would like to have near their homes. Students were given pictures of various public places and they arranged them in order of priority on a pyramid.

Students debated on the essential amenities required at a public place. Further to this, they made a mind map in their journals; listing essentials. Students brainstormed and understood how the absence of the essential requirements lead to challenges.

Formative assessment was conducted through a “Take and Talk”, wherein students chose a public place and created posters for the same. They then spoke about the importance of the public place chosen by them, the signs and symbols found there and the essential elements of the public place. Giving a voice to the students, the rubric for the take and talk was co-constructed in class  with  students themselves.

English- This week students enhanced their writing skills using various paragraph writing strategies like 5Ws and H strategy and description of an object/place using their senses.

Students enjoyed listening to various stories narrated to them in class and reflected on them. They also revised various grammar concepts identifying the nouns, adjectives and articles from the stories.

Guest speaker session – A parent fromschool , Ms Nidhi was invited as a guest speaker to narrate a story about a public places. It was an engaging story and students understood that a public place is not for personal use and has to be shared with everyone.

Math- During their Math classes, students continued practicing subtraction using different strategies. They practiced single and double digit subtraction sums and number facts. They also revisited the concept of place value.

Math assembly– Students of Grade 1 also participated in an interesting Math assembly wherein they revisited various concepts like measurement, addition and subtraction through games.

Art– This week, first graders explored the visual art aspects and basic elements of maps. They also engaged in discussions around the symbolic representations and artistic aspects seen on public signage. Based on these observations, they designed artworks that explored public spaces, as blueprint drawings.

Library-Students listened to an exquisitely illustrated original tale based on the mythical character who reveals how Jack earned his name as Jack Frost.Jack was first discovered asleep in the snow by the many gentle creatures who lived deep in the forest. A very little boy with snow-white skin surprised his forest friends by waking up and working real magic! Everything he touched turned to frost, which is why the owls, the magpies, the unicorn, the wood choppers, and all the other forest creatures named him Jack Frost.  Along came the goblins, who smelled of boiled cabbage, made many rude noises, and loved to tell lies. The goblins were jealous because they believed that the magic of the forest should be in their power- and not in Jack Frost’s. When they tried to steal Jack’s magic, they discovered that he was far more  clever than they were! The wonderful picture storybook  offered a very appealing tale.

ICT– ICT was integrated with UOI where students were introduced to MS-Word. They have begun to learn how to add a page border, colour, shapes and different formatting options  while working on word.

Music– The students were introduced to the rhythmic theory. They learnt about note names and values and also learnt about the parts of a note.

They also sang ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay (

PE-The students continued with their lessons in cricket where they learned specific warm up and cooling down exercises (stretching exercises) that they do before and after a particular sport.

Blog Grade 1 (9th Dec-20th Dec)

Unit of inquiry

Going further into the second line of inquiry, students learned to make connections between the impact of mining and deforestation on forest and wildlife of the Aravali range. Students reflected upon their understanding of how humans have impacted the river Nile with settlements on its bank, by watching a power point presentation.

Students discussed and wrote the ill-effects of mining and deforestation on landforms. Construction of buildings, use of tracks/roads and overgrazing of pastures were some reasons that were chronicled in their process journals.

The students were able to make connections and deepen their understanding related to the impact on guest speaker session led by the dance faculty member who is a native of Kerala.

Responsibilities towards our planet formed the third line of inquiry and students undertook a discussion on the 4Rs, their responsibility and the ways they can help conserve landforms. The use of different colored bins for disposal of garbage was emphasized.

Formative assessment of the 2nd and 3rd line of Inquiry was taken with a poster making activity where students showed their understanding of the landforms and followed it up with a  take and talk.

English Integration

During take and talk, the students spoke about various kinds of landforms, their features and the effect of human settlements on them.

Students were assessed on our understanding of the unit through a summative assessment.

Tuning into the measurement of weight was undertaken with thought-provoking questions like:

What is weight? When do we need to weigh something? Have they seen a weighing machine?

The students were introduced to a weighing balance and digital weighing machine for measurement of the weight of different items.

Making connections – Students were allowed to measure the weight of sugar in different quantities. They then compared the label on packaged drinks to understand the quantity of sugar delivery and its impact on health.

Tuning into ‘measurement of liquids (capacity)’ engaged students in a discussion on the meaning of capacity and the tools used to measure it.

Bottles of different sizes (medicine bottle, water bottle, cold drink bottle, paint colour bottle) were displayed in class for students to find out their capacity. Journal writing was undertaken too.

Formative Assessment on ‘length and weight’ was undertaken where students measured the length and weight of various objects displayed in class.


During their Hindi classes, students enjoyed their spell bee with step in and step out activity. They learned u ( उ ) matraa and wrote words with the same. Students also revisited naming words through the things inside the classroom.


Students explored landscape drawings and drew them both freehand by watching as well as by integrating geometric shapes including lines and shading, patterning etc. The students were also engaged in exploring the drawings on a three-dimensional surface (container) using brush and colors. So far the outcomes have been landscape compositional drawings employing graphite (pencil) on paper and their replications in paintings.


The students sang Christmas carols to mark festive celebrations. They also learned how to play Old Mac Donald on the black keys of the xylophone. The students have learned the names of these keys as well.



Students performed to the walrus song by observing their peers. This helped them incorporate the positive aspects they found in the steps of their peers. The strategy was employed to allow auto checking of stance.

ICT Integration

Students were introduced to Photos application where they created a photo story on various types of landforms. They used their creative skills by inserting text, music, and pictures.

Physical education

Students are learning to stand and engage in broad jump where they improved explosive leg strength. Also, the student understands the coordination between the hand swing and feet jump. Standing broad jump help children to develop leg strength which is helpful to perform a high jump and long jump in later years.

Blog Grade 1(3rd Dec-16th Dec)

Students made a model of landform of their choice using clay, based on their research work and the understanding of that landform.

Formative assessment of 1st line of inquiry

  • Students ‘organized their class by displaying the landform models.
  • The children from various sections visited each other’s classes, during the presentation. They saw each other’s work and had a discussion.

They presented their work and shared the information about their landform.

Tuning in2nd line of Inquiry: Impact of human settlements on landforms

Students were encouraged to answer thought-provoking questions,

After watching visual presentations on deforestation and mining and were encouraged to think and talk about the reasons for cutting trees/mining and their ill effects.



Adjectives- Students were given different items in a mystery bag and they had to choose one object from the bag and describe it using a word.

Students made a chart listing various adjectives that can be used to describe food, places, friends etc.

Visual Imagery – Students read the given poem and created a visual imagery.

Spell Bee: Students were assessed on their spellings through a spell bee. Students were given picture clues; they identified the word and wrote the spelling. The assessment was marked by the students on a graph attached in the journals.



During their Hindi lessons, students watched a documentary ‘स्वच्छता की ओर’  on ‘responsibility towards our planet’ and attempted ‘Listen and tell’ activity.  Students did listening activity inside the class through this they revisited ‘रंगों के नाम’ (name of the colours) and also practiced words with maatraa.



In their maths classes, students practiced creating word problems on their own using the classroom objects and solved it.

Formative Assessment -Word problems.

A stationery shop was created in class (display the items on the ladder) with 4 pencils, 5 erasers, 3 sharpeners, paintbrush, scales etc. Students created their own word problems using the items and the quantities. They further solved the problems created by them.


The concept of measurement was introduced to students. They watched a video on measurement to understand the need for measurement and wrote their reflection in their journals.


ART Integration

The children explored drawing landforms by employing geometric shapes. This also included elements in landforms like the rocks and tree.



“Hour of code” is being celebrated around the world in which students get involved in coding via gamification. Students enjoyed working on Kodable and arranging directional arrows. They challenged themselves and some of them cleared all the levels in it.





The students sang ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. They were assessed on their singing in class for which each child had to come up and sing the microphone. The students also learned how to play ‘Do Re Mi’ on the xylophone.


Students were taught the mirroring exercises to improve their concentration and observation skills. This would enhance their skills to pick up movements with more clarity. They also had a revision of the “ramsamsam” song and the floor work technique they had learned.



Students practicing basketball dribbling as a primary skill. They revised dribbling skill in basketball. They practice for dribble the basketball in a zigzag way with the right and left hand around the cone and through the cone.



Grade 1 discussed and wrote about their wish list on the paper given to them.